15 september 2015 12:36

Detta gör ryttarna på väg hem

Detta gör ryttarna på väg hem
Det kan vara Michael Jung som säger att han övar engelska under alla timmar i lastbilen alla timmar till och från tävling.

1. Eat. “I often forget to eat at a big three-day event” said one rider, “but I make up for it on the way there and on the way back! I can hone in on McDonald’s from miles away.”

2. Sleep. “My groom can drive, and for this event most of us shared trucks, so there were lots of drivers. Frankly I have just come from Burghley and am going onto Blenheim; this is a great time to catch up on the sleep I miss through worrying when I am competing.”

3. Learn dressage test? “Hell no! Tempting fate — we have to get through the vet inspection first!”

4. Catch up on office work. Emails and entries seemed to be the most often mentioned.

5. Play #theracetoblair (or wherever) on Twitter and with other competitors. “Well you know some people are going to be slow on the journey — the same ones who get 50 times penalties on the cross country, usually. I will probably get 60 because I said that.”

6. Clean their boots.

7. “Practise my English so I can answer the strange questions of journalists!”

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